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Dive Tee

My second top! I bought this as a kit from We are Knitters. The Dive Tee was so easy to make! It is worked flat in two panels, and through construction you end up with sleeves and a nice collar!

I was so excited while knitting this because the pictures made it look so cute (at it is!!). I was surprised at how long it took me to construct everything. Seaming generally takes me a while but I always thought it was just because I was bad at seaming. I think it takes everyone this long though. I planned to spend my morning constructing, and I ended up spending all day on it. I also didn't take into consideration that I was going to have to knit the sleeves and collar which obviously takes time, too.

The yarn, Pima Cotton by We are Knitters, was so nice to work with! It's very soft and didn't dry out my hands like most cotton yarns do. I picked up some fun new skills with this pattern as well. The pattern was fairly well written and easy to follow. I would have appreciated some more explanatory pictures, but once I figure things out, it was super easy.

While I definitely don't regret buying this, I also don't know that I would rush out to buy another WAK kit. They're great because they come with everything you could possibly need to make the item, but they also come with a cost. As someone who is definitely on a budget, this is something I am very mindful of. This was a nice splurge and worth it while I'm still learning how to knit tops, but in the future I'm going to have to stick with just patterns and hunting down comparable, budget friendly yarn.

Pattern: Dive Tee by We are Knitters
Yarn: Pima Cotton by We are Knitters in Aquamarine


  1. Your tee looks beautiful. I'm knitting this and stuck on step 6. Can you help? After dropping the stitch, how do I keep it from continuing to unravel? It just says "yarn over and cast it off" 3 times??

    1. Thank you so much!! If I understand your question correctly, that's exactly what is supposed to happen - the stitches will unravel below. The stitch that you drop should unravel to the row you did on the first row of step 4. That's what creates the wide lacey part. I hope that helped! Please let me know if you have any more questions!


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