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My Begginer Raglan

  Finished ~my beginner raglan~ the other day! This amazing pattern was written by Chantal/Knitatude. It is literally the perfect pattern for a raglan beginner. I've been knitting for so many years but am just now getting into knitting actual clothes. I must admit, I've been very nervous. This pattern was amazing for beginners. I truly felt like my hand was being held the whole way. Chantal included notes and pictures along the way to help clarify potentially confusing parts. My favorite thing about this sweater (and I guess all raglans) is that it's worked in the round. I hate seaming, so it was nice to be done with the sweater when I was done knitting (except for weaving in the ends of course). I also liked that I was able to try on the sweater as I knit it to make sure it fit. Chantal was great about including directions for adjusting the sweater to better fit you as well as how to check the sizing as you go.  I must admit, I was a little nervous when I finished the yoke