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Mermaid Soap Saver Bag

* When shopping using some of the links provided below, I may benefit from it. I am not paid to advertise these products, I just truly believe in them and the company.  I've recentlly decided to #giveupthebottle and start using bars of soap instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles! When I started researching shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars, one thing became clear - a soap saver bag was necessary to extend the life of my bars. I thought to myself, why buy one when I can just make one? Plastic production has nearly doubled in the last 50 years. Did you know that 18 million pounds of plastic ends up in the ocean every year? Research predicts that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Only 9% of plastic is recycled. Product packaging accounts for about 40% of plastic usage. This plastic never goes away because it is not biodegradable. It may break down into smaller pieces called microplastics, which human and sea creatures then injest. Humans consume an averag

Wild and Free Wall Hanging

I'm not entirely sure where I got the idea for this wall hanging. I had the phrase "wild and free" stuck in my head for a while, and then I decided I should put it on a wall hanging. I also knew exactly who I wanted to give it to. I have a friend from college who is the human form of this phrase. She's not afriad to take that leap of faith and go after her dreams. She marches to the beat of her own drum no matter what anyone else says. And of course, she thrives in nature.  I wanted to make the wall hanging more special than just having the words on there, so I got a little ambitious. At first I was thinking to have one flower on there, but then I thought the flower came out so cute I needed more. I also felt ambitious trying to put a bee on it, but I felt that's what this wallhanging was missing and needed. I spent a lot of time on excel trying to work out the designs of the flowers and the bee. I finally got it as good as I was going to get it, and I hoped the d