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Easy-Going Knit Pullover

  I was aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest when I came across this pattern by Yarnspirations. I thought it looked so cute and cozy, I knew I had to knit it! Since my classes are once again completely virtual, I thought this sweater would be perfect for bumming around the house and staying warm and cozy during classes. I have to say, I was totally right! This sweater is so comfortable! The yarn isn't so thick that I feel like a marshmallow when I wear it, but it's thick enough to keep me nice and toasty. The sweater fits a little loose which makes it perfect for sitting in front of the computer all day. I love the cowl collar at the top! It makes it so stylish and keeps my neck nice and warm. The pattern is written for Bernat Roving yarn, but I decided to use Paintbox Simply Chunky yarn instead. I liked the colors better, and it was a little bit cheaper. I think the yarn worked just as well. It is very soft and warm. The chunky yarn works up pretty quickly as well. One of the

Skinny Koozie

  Presenting my new Skinny Koozies! These are perfect for hard seltzer cans! If you are anything like my family, you might have a stash of koozies that you have collected over the years. These are great at keeping the sweat off of your hands and keeping your hand from freezing while holding your long as the can is a "normal-sized can." Enter all of these fun hard seltzer drinks that my family now loves. Sadly, none of the many koozies in our collection fit these cans. My brother is mostly the only one who uses koozies these days, so I guess you could say he was the inspriation behind the design. One evening, while my dad was grilling hamburgers, my brother grabbed a seltzer to drink. I watched him put the can in a koozie and thought to myself "That's a disaster waiting to happen." The can was loose in the koozie, and I had visions of it tipping over due to lopsidedness. I also knew that, given my familiy's new obsession with seltzers, this would b