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Trio of Pumpkins

Don't you just love fall? It's time to pull out the warmer garments and snuggle up, and I just love it. And then there's also the cute fall pumpkins!!! Fun fact about me: I hate the color orange. This has made decorating with pumpkins very challenging in the past. Since pumpkins are the essence of fall, I was determined to find a solution! I happened to have yarn in maroon, beige, and graphite that match my living room and compliment each other perfectly! Additionally, they're the same yarn weight and the perfect (non-orange) colors for fall! I had been seeing these adorable knitted pumpkins all over my instagram and pinterest feed, and I caught the fever. I knew I neeeded to knit up some pumpkins, and I needed to knit them immediately. I saw a few pumpkins that had cinnamon sticks as the stem, so naturally, I rushed to the store and bought some! Sadly, I can't smell them, but they do add a little something extra to the pumpkins, so I'm glad I

Plant Sweaters

For some reason, I am very concerned about my plants getting cold in the winter. I don't know if it's because their pots (old candle jars) feel cold to the touch or because a few years ago I accidentally killed all my plants when I opened the window next to them in the middle of winter. To be fair, I also didn't like looking through the clear glass of the old candle jars and just seeing the soil. Regardless, it makes me sad to think my plants go cold in the winter. Realistically, I'm sure these sweaters don't actually do much to keep my plants warm, but it makes me feel better. I initially started knitting these last year when I bought my first set of double pointed needles. I thought this would be a good way to practice with them. I figured if they turned out bad, I was the only one who would ever see them. It took me a while to decide on a pattern for these. First of all, I needed something that would look okay in the round. This pattern isn't the best for tha