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Woven Cable Earwarmers

I just finished my Woven Cable Earwarmers by Erica and Eleanor! Well, I actually went with a variation on it. The pattern calls for 18 stitches of cable area, but I only had 12 and one less cable on each cable row. I did the edge the same way as the pattern, so instead of 26 stitches, I had 20 stitches. I LOVE how this turned out! I think it is just as cute as if I had followed the pattern! This was a super fun, quick knit for me. For whatever reason, I was just itching to do some cables. I keep seing pictures on instagram and pinterest of knitting with cables in it. They lookes so squishy, and it has been a while since I've done something with cables. This was the perfect project to satisfy that itch. The cables look so intricate yet they were so easy to create. This pattern is great for fooling someone into thinking you're a better knitter than you are. I really impressed my aunt with these, but they were actually super easy and quick for me to knit. Cheers to cables!  Patter

Twisted Diamond Earwarmer

The Twisted Diamond Earwarmer pattern was inspired by the Barfi Stitch . The design has clean lines that draw the eye. It is visually interesting without being too ornamental. The selvedge stitch combined with the ribbing makes a beautiful edge. The diamond pattern down the center is gorgeous. This pattern would be great for men or women! I must admit, this pattern took me HOURS to figure out. I started and restarted it so many times I can't even tell you. It was difficult because I was going off of a video that repeated the pattern instead of having it just once. I mostly had to just look at it and figure out the pattern. I must say excel spreadsheets were also super helpful. They were the grid I needed and not mention coloring in the cells. Even when I thought I had finally figured out the pattern, it still wasn't quite right. Shoutout to excel for allowing me to make easy adjustments to the pattern so I could get it right. This pattern was so worth the pain, though. It'

Vintage Knit Tie Headband

I am always looking for headwear I can knit myself. I have a weirdly small head - not quite adult size but larger than a child. Since I can't buy stuff made in the store, I like to just knit my own things. This headband is perfect! I love the vintage vibe it gives and the adjustability for sizing!  This headband is simple but is a great accessory for any outfit. It works well any time of year. Since mine is a little wide for my head, it'll keep my ears warm in the winter. In the summer, however, it doesn't warm my ears so much that it's uncomfortable to wear. This headband is quickly becoming my go-to accessory when my hair is in my face, and I need it out immediately. The pattern recommends using worsted weight yarn, but I made a few with chunky yarn (leftover from my blanket sweater !!), and they worked out great! I also did 9 sts wide instead of 11 sts. Again, my head is weirdly small, so this fit me better. To be honest, I also had trouble figuring out how she did t