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Easy as Pie Trivets

Does anyone actually use trivets anymore? I find that half the people I talk to don't even know what they are. I guess everyone just puts hot dishes on the stove to cool off, but if you're looking to put your dishes elsewhere and worried about burning the surface, I've got a great pattern for you to try!

I did some research on the best yarn to use for heat resistance, and I found my best choice would be 100% cotton. There are other options out there, but I felt this was the most affordable option for me.

As is recommended by the pattern I followed, I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton yarn. I believe 100% wool will also absorb the heat.

I used the Easy as Pie Dishcloth Pattern by Twisted Yarn Shop. The main thing I deviated from in the pattern is the number of stitches I used. I casted-on 17 stitches instead of 15. This made the diameter of the "pie" 7" (as opposed to the original diameter of 6"). I felt like this size was a better fit for a trivet. The change this makes to the pattern is 4 extra rows of work. Additionally, I only made 6 wedges instead of 7. 

I also experimented with going up a size up in my needle to US 7/4.5mm (as opposed to the recommended US 6/4.0mm). This produced a slightly bigger "pie" with only 5 wedges. This increased the diameter by 1" making the diamer 8". However, the stitches are much looser and probably not conducive to protecting surfaces from heat.

Happy knitting! 


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