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Blanket Sweater

I used to have a cream-colored sweater that I LOVED. And, because I loved it so much, I wore it all the time. Unfortunately, it started to show its wear, and I had to get rid of it. I have been searching and searching for a new one, and I think I found it! 

So far, I love this Blanket Sweater by Mama in a Stitch! It is so cozy and perfect for late spring/early summer weather! I get the same feeling of cozy as if it were winter. I haven't taken it off (except to shower and sleep of course) since I finished it!

Holding two strands of chunky yarn together on thick needles makes this sweater such a quick knit. It's chunk makes it so nice and cozy. I'm going to be wearing this one all fall. It's also great for summer. Because of the chunkiness and the large needles, the sweater isn't so thick that I'm sweating wearing. There's space for a nice breeze to blow through. I know this will be so snuggly come fall though.

I used a different yarn than she recommends. I used Stylecraft Special Chunky yarn in cream from Love Crafts. I loved this yarn! It's so soft and squishy. It's also machine washable which I love. I went ahead and dried it in the dryer my first time, but I think leaving it flat to dry is a better move for this yarn.


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